Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Politically Correct Racial Profiling

This "racial profiling" law came about as a direct result of political correctness.

So, if we are to follow the letter of the law regarding racial profiling, I'm going to make up a "situation". This is a purely fictional situation, directly from my over-active imagination. So humor me.

A man goes through a sub-division one day and breaks into 30 homes. He vandalizes property and kills 15 people. The subdivision is 95% caucasion. None of the homes had security cameras; but one person managed to hide & escape harm without detection and managed to provide a description of the "alleged" person committing crimes. The person drove a white SUV and was African American.

Now, as the police begin looking for this criminal, will they randomly search all white SUVs to make sure they are not accused of racial profiling? Or will they pull every black man driving a white SUV? Or will they search every white vehicle? When the folks in the neighborhood hold a candlelight vigil for the lost loved ones, will they accuse them of being racists? Will they drill the one surviving victim for evidence of racial insensitivity? When the police set up roadblocks to try to find the criminal, will every black man stopped try to sue the police for racial profiling? Or will the citizens complain that they were inconvenienced and refuse to produce identification on the grounds of invasion of privacy?

This insanity has got to stop.

We KNOW, using scientific methods of predicting odds, that a caucasion 95 year old woman will not bomb a plane.

We KNOW, using scientific methods of predicting odds, that a blonde hair blue eyed mother driving kids to soccer practice is probably NOT an illegal immigrant in a border state smuggling drugs.

Why can't we even use common sense any longer to protect citizens? The political correctness in our society has taken dangerous steps and protects the criminals instead of protecting the legal law-abiding citizens.

If I lived in Arizona, I certainly wouldn't mind showing my I.D. at any time. That's right, in the Walmart or on the road in a random road check. If I thought it was being done to protect citizens, I wouldn't mind. The only people that DO have a problem are the ones BREAKING the law. So, why are we protecting criminals in America?

It has gone too far & someone needs to reign in the communists; and if they truly desire a state contolled country, ship them to Cuba or Siberia. Give them a taste on the bottom end of communism. It is NOT eutopia for the bottom class. Communism does NOT eliminate classes. They are even more distinct. Politicians & Police are TOP and everyone else at bottom. Politicians vote themselves BIG pay and will control the pay of everyone else (just like Obama administration is trying to do now, controlling the pay in the private sector).

Wake Up America.


Timmy 1.0 said...

Interesting hypothetical, but you missed the point.

First off, we don't KNOW anything. How can you tell that blonde haired, blue eyed woman is an undocumented Russian immigrant? How do you know the old lady isn't suffering from dementia and thinks she has to blow up a plane? You don't.

Secondly, the new law in Arizona doesn't give police the power to use race to identify and find criminal suspects (they already can). It gives them the power to stop anyone who they have a "reasonable suspicion" to believe is an illegal immigrant. Basically, anyone who looks Latino is targeted.

Being Latino is now a crime in Arizona. This law basically states that these people are guilty until they are proven innocent. I don't know how much you care about our judicial system, but that's the opposite of how it works.

Just another day in paradise said...

This post did not mention the ability of the police to do anything; and actually, the purpose of the post was to point out the way the "political correctness" is endangering lives. Yes, I realize it is not lawful to "target" anyone based on race, HOWEVER, with that said, if you have proof that someone of a specific race & gender just committed a crime, does that now allow the police the legitimate right to look for someone of that race & gender?

I have always supported & defended the Mexicans for coming to American (LEGALLY) to make a better life for their families. however, because so many are now doing it illegally, I now look at all Mexicans differently; with questioning and anger instead of sympathy and compassion.

The immigrants that are coming here illegally, ruining our country with heavy burdens which are bankrupting our hospitals and making our school systems suffer; these are the immigrants that are causing undue suffering to those that have come here legally.

If immunity is given to the illegals, then our laws mean nothing. Citizenship is nothing but a piece of paper; as Mexicans stomp the American flag and show their loytalty to their home flag of Mexico.

And as for the examples you site of possibilities of the blonde woman & elderly lady; yes, there is always a possibility. But if you LOVE science (which most liberals live by), then you know the numbers don't lie. The ODDS are on my side of the argument. And if you wish to use scientific calculating methods, then you know I'm right. We are only allowed to use science when it suits YOUR opinion & YOUR cause.

The point of my post is that using POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in making laws & upholding laws is going to jeopardize our safety. This is a fact.