Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Patriot Sneetches

I love my country
I'm a patriot sneetch
I value my freedom
Especially my freedom of speech

I cherish my flag
I love every American Vet
for defending our nation
when faced with a threat

I don't blame others
for things I have done
I value law & order
A nation standing as one

In pursuit of my happiness
I like harmony with others
Citizens of our nation
are my sisters and my brothers

I even love snowflakes
Despite being misguided
And I share my ideas
with those undecided

But there are some bad sneetches
That love creating strife
violence, anger, hostility
They seem unhappy with life

Some sneetches break laws
and get themselves in trouble
They then cry racism
as their only rebuttle

Often these same sneetches
use special words and phrases
to justify bad behavior
and cause division among races

I value the rights of sneetches
Who wish to take a stand
Their words would carry more weight
if they respect our leaders and our land

Our bellies can have stars
of many sizes and colors
Each special and unique
none less important than the other