Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Will of the People....Does My Vote Really Count?

I vote.  And I encourage every American to vote.  It is a right that many wish they had. I know the words are spoken often, but worth repeating:  Many have died to preserve MY right to vote.  I don't take that lightly.  I have heard many people over the years say they will not vote because their vote doesn't count.  The establishment will win no matter if or how they vote, so why waste the time?

As I watch in horror, my conservative GOP party is trying to suppress the will of the people.  They are aligning themselves with mainstream media outlets to feed propaganda and desperately try to influence votes that align with the will of the establishment.  Using 'shame' tactics to make people think that voting for Mr. Trump means they are ignorant, liberal, or uneducated.

Donald Trump may not be the 'perfect' candidate that everyone envisions, but I will share my thoughts on why I think he is more than qualified to lead us back towards unity, economic stability, and a strong military worldwide presence that our allies can depend upon.

Donald Trump has professed to a Christian upbringing.  There are those that would judge otherwise. I am here to say that I make mistakes daily. I am not perfect and I don't expect perfection from others.  It is not my job to judge others. To each his own and each will have to answer for their own life choices.  And in regards to the ugly statements about his multiple marriages - how many people in America are divorced and remarried (or divorced & living with someone else)?  How many Christians are divorced?  Don't even go there.

Mr. Trump has also stated his pro-life mentality; however, he also has concern for women's health and taking care of those less fortunate having access to healthcare services.  I'm certain he can find a solution which will please everyone.  He will not allow government funding of abortion; he has stated that on numerous occasions. And for those that say he "used to be" pro-choice....so did I.   I can tell you the moment I became a pro-life advocate and he has shared his transformation story as well.  If our objective is to change hearts from pro-choice to pro-life, why would we doubt their heart when they finally do change? 

Donald Trump has created jobs. Many jobs. And when faced with economic instability, he has been forced to make decisions to close businesses; as a consequence, there was job loss.  Our current president, BHO, has caused millions of job losses and an economic disaster in America- with no viable plan to 'fix' the mistakes. Instead, he puffs his chest out and proclaims his mistakes as measures of success - despite their catastrophic consequences to American citizens.  

Mr. Trump has experimented with different businesses and business strategies; some successful, some not so successful.  The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.  Through trial and error, he has demonstrated the success one can experience through perseverance and hard work.  He has a leader spirit and a mentor heart. He wants people to succeed.  As more Americans succeed, more can afford to enjoy the luxury accommodations of his properties.  Win/Win

Donald Trump is a worldwide businessman.  He knows economics and how they are affecting American business better than any other candidate.  He works closely with governments and diplomats in nations throughout the world in order to build his business.  Who better to understand how the political system works for business.  When he says "Mexico will pay for the wall", I completely understand how he can make it happen.  It's logical for people that can think creatively outside the box.  Mexico has been instrumental in harming our economy and they have benefited with factories and jobs for THEIR citizens.  Much of the profit going to the political leaders and gangsters that are holding much of Mexico hostage.  It's a dangerous place and we need to protect ourselves against that danger.  We need secure borders. Immediately.

I encourage Trump supporters to reasonably and logically discuss issues with others. We have a large population of  "followers"...people that are easily persuaded by news anchors and peer pressure.  If we want our country restored to its former glory, we need someone that has a passion and purpose to make it happen.  Mr. Trump has a proven success record to get things done in a timely manner. He knows how to work with people in a persuasive manner in order to reach goals.  That does not mean he caves in to opponents, it means he is a 'people person' and can convince people to work with him for a positive outcome.