Sunday, February 19, 2017

Personal Assistant in North Carolina TRIAD area

Life is so busy.

Sometimes it would be so handy to have a personal assistant to help with those pesky chores that rob you of your valuable time.

Or perhaps you have a start-up company....your time is spent meeting with potential new customers and your internet presence is not what it could be.

I am a seasoned professional and would like to offer my services. 

Suggestions for services I may offer:
  • You provide a list of birthdays/anniversaries of friends and family. You pre-sign cards. I make sure they are in the mail to make it on time for that special day. I can text you a reminder that you sent the card. This can also be done for businesses. A 'thank you' note to someone that recently made a purchase, one year anniversary of large purchases (checking on customer, making sure they are happy), or other special notes for any special milestone.
    • I can help hand-address envelopes for a special event

  • Goodwill/Salvation Army drop offs. I will pick up and you tell me the value you wish to declare. I will mail receipt for your donation back to you.

  • Typing. Haven't tested my rate lately, but my husband describes it as a "book a minute". I am an English/Literature gal. Proper use of English language is important.
    • Writing.  I love writing.  I worked on the Yellow Jacket publication for a short time writing articles about local places and events.
  • Picking up things you need for a gathering, conference, party, or celebration. Food, drink, or decorations. I'll do the 'all over town' running. You can either pay online and I'll pick up OR you can provide a prepaid card for me to use (I'll bring receipts for every purchase), or cash. Tell me what time you need supplies and where to deliver. I'd rather be an hour early than 2 minutes late. OCD? Nope, just raised to value time and the importance of being "on time". If you need help setting things up, I can help with that as well.

  • I have a special ability to find the unusual or rare items at great prices. If it was ever made, I can usually find it. I love history and historic items...and I love searching out and finding hard to find things. Everything from a piece of glassware, a toy, all the way up to motor vehicles.

  • If you made a purchase and just don't have time to pick it up, make sure retailer is given my name and I'll pick it up & deliver to you. It must fit in my SUV. I can do local pickups on weeknights and more distant pickups on weekends.

  • I have assisted many people with estate sales. Many families throw things away that have great value due to lack of time or knowledge. My love of history makes this a fun-filled service I offer. I love going through attics, barns, and basements. It's exciting to discover the amazing history you get to see in the lives of ordinary folks.

  • I love our elderly population and all they have contributed to society throughout their lives. If you have a loved one that needs a meal or groceries and you won't be in town to deliver...let me know and I'll take care of it for you as long as it falls within the hours I am available.

  • I am computer literate and love technology with its ability to improve our daily lives. I am familiar with social media and can assist with special projects that may involve these platforms. Daily or weekly posts to promote your business? Perhaps you can think of other mundane tasks that would help you and/or free up some of your time.
    • Internet research is often extremely time consuming.  If it would help grow your business, let me assist with this task.

    I have many other skill sets that I have not listed here. If there is anything you need help with, just ask. It may be something I can help with; but if not, I'll be honest and tell you. I'm pretty well-rounded and down-to-earth.

    I have not set a dollar value on any services. I am willing to discuss ideas you have and open to reasonable offers. Some people can afford more than others and I have enough faith in humanity that I will be offered what you feel is fair for my services based on the level of value to you specifically. People that can afford more will likely offer more, which will allow me to help others that may not have as much expendable income.

    My mother and father grew up during the great depression, so I have bartered my entire life. Bartering for services is not out of the question. I am open-minded and think outside the box.

    I look forward to hearing from you!