Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back in the saddle

When I began blogging, I had plenty of time to do so.  There was a seven year period of my life in which I was 'home employed' or as many would refer to it....a homemaker.  For the past 5 years, I have been gainfully employed outside the home.  My children are getting older and so am I.

Our nation is in distress.  I have been politically active my entire life, but now is the time to raise my voice and be heard loud & clear.

I am opinionated and enjoy a good, healthy, hearty debate.  One without name-calling and using intelligence, facts, & logic instead of emotions and hatred.  This can be difficult with liberals as they sometimes don't understand logic....or think that history does not repeat itself.....or think they can "do it right this time".

I am my mother's daughter. I never met a stranger.....love people. 
I am my father's daughter. I love my country and sharing my enthusiastic patriotism.

Stay Strong Patriots!  We can do this.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

North Carolina Teachers upset

I just read a publicly released letter to Governor Pat McCrory from teachers; upset that the cost of living is going up and their pay is not matching that increased cost of living. 

 Well, I agree teachers need a raise. But so do many other Americans that are struggling under the Obama leadership. He promised during his campaign increased costs of fuel and energy. He said it was "necessary" to force Americans to find alternate sources... of energy. Well, he hasn't kept many promises, but he did keep that one. Heating our home and filling my gas tank is painful now. And imagine when the Walmart tractor trailer has to fill up to make a delivery..........that's right. Food prices go up too (and they have). In addition to the gasoline causing groceries prices to go up, factor in the illegal immigrants that walk through the Walmart, eat food, and deposit the empty wrappers on shelves.  I have witnessed this on MANY MANY occasions.  As seldom as I'm in the Walmart and witness this happening, imagine how often it REALLY happens.  And you know they see it on their hidden cameras; they can't do anything or Obama & NBC will be all up in their business telling Americans how cruel they are to deprive law-breaking illegals food, bless their hungry hearts.

And employers are struggling to keep folks employed and insured. Many being forced to drop insurance because of the new Obamacare mandates (this is by design folks - so ALL AMERICANS are forced onto the government plan - except Obama and others that he exempts). While illegal immigrants continue to flood in, produce multitudes of 'anchor' babies, and destroy our healthcare and education system. 

It disgusts me. Truly just disgusts me. Rant over.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Here is what I don't understand.......

Why can't they learn?

Although we are considered to be the ones that "hold people down" and "oppress".......tell me why WE are the ones that are constantly trying to care for the lesser?  I would be interested to see how many Caucasians adopt third world country babies and how many of all other races combined adopt. Even the ones that can afford to.......they don't. Because they would rather spend that money on themselves.

In society today, the white (or Caucasian) is supposed to feel guilty.  We are put down. We are blamed for all the wrong in the world.  But I have this nagging question.........WHY?

Here are my observations and common sense conclusions:

Africa:  These people are GIVEN everything. Billions funneled from the United States Government, Christian organizations, and Hollywood.  Food, Books, Clothes, wells, etc.  Where is all this money going? Why can't these people learn to create a viable economy (or simply the basic life-skills) to make Africa a great nation?  America was founded on the backs of people that had drive and motivation to get out from under oppression. And created one of the best countries in the world with a constitution and free market society that promotes hard work and rewards bright new fresh ideas.

Consider Soul City: This little experiment was another huge money sucker... in order for the 'socialist' or 'communal' dreams of some folks in this country to come true.  The communist system simply doesn't work.  This is why communist countries have to "lock" folks in. This is why they have to prevent information from flowing OUT. This is why their punishments are so harsh.  There are only 2 classes of communists. The top of the food chain and the bottom. There isn't a middle. There is NO incentive to work harder, do better, achieve more.  The top dogs take what they want to make sure they continue living in the lap of luxury, and the leftovers are distributed evenly to the bottom 90% of the population.

It's the same with unions.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with folks that work for companies that are "union".  They intentionally don't do work because they can't. They get in trouble for doing more, doing better, or making things better. It will make their co-workers look bad. They don't get paid to do more. There is no reward for doing better. Everything is mediocre.

And I know this is not politically correct, but what I see is encouraging laziness.

The media is glorifying uncivilized people. All they think about is eating and sex. They walk around with their pants down and their bodies exposed.  This in an effort to invite or promote sex. Like animals. No civilized thoughts involved. They treat their women like animals. They father children and abandon them (because, like animals, they are just after the immediate gratification).  They sing about uncivilized behavior and are idolized for it.  Their parents encourage this behavior.  And the old school parents that wish differently have no control any more. The media, internet, and music industry is pushing the agenda.

And speaking of the music industry.....the one thing I find most disgusting and appalling is the use of the "N" word. I tried shielding my children from even hearing the word - that is - until they started school.  They hear it and hear it often. It is laced throughout songs. Yet let the word exit the mouth of a Caucasian and suddenly an earthquake of harassment will swallow them whole. Children can be suspended from school.  And yet they (artists) want these same children to buy their records and support their lavish lifestyles.  I am SICK TO DEATH of this crap. Race baiters.  I went years never uttering the "N" word and shielding my children from even hearing it.

Now, I am going to intentionally allow it back into my vocabulary because it is deserved.  Any negro, African American, Afro American, black person, brown person, colored person, or whatever they choose to be called today..........that sings that word in a song..........deserves to be called by that name by anyone that chooses to do so.

The fact that a colored person can use ANY word and doesn't think it should be uttered by a non-colored person is RACIST behavior.

This is not true about everyone. There are people of color out there that abhor this behavior, but unfortunately, they are far outnumbered; and considered a traitor or turncoat if they speak out against it.  I feel most sorry for those folks. 

And don't let me forget to mention the Caucasians (or anyone else) that walk around the Wal-mart in their pajamas because they can't manage to get themselves dressed when they leave their home and go out in public. Just as uncivilized and disgusting.  But most of the time, these folks take responsibility for their own decisions and seem to be quite proud of themselves for it.

If you speak against anything uncivilized, you are labeled a racist.  After all, the lack of ability to speak correct English and wear clothing to cover ones body - that's just cultural.  And I should respect that?

Friday, January 31, 2014


If you have read back through my postings, you will know that my father fought in WWII.

I have done extensive reading on what happened and more importantly, HOW it happened.  The "how" is what would prevent this from happening again.

Not so much.

With all the historic information we have at our fingertips, we are still going down the same path.  There are a very select few that have views that they are better than others.  Words I would use to describe these folks are:  Lofty. Conceited. No humility. Sinful.  Self-righteous.

These folks have deemed the rest of America unfit to co-exist.  They have decided to try to indoctrinate our children to believe their parents are 'old and confused' as my husband would put it.

In our country of laws, the law-breakers are encouraged and the law-abiding citizens are chastised.

This is not only down-right discouraging........but scary.

If you are a conservative, Christian, or a successful business owner - watch out!   They hate you and are coming after you with a vengeance.  The IRS is targeting you for audits.  They will knit-pick to find something to get you for.

This has 'Nazi Regime' written all over it.

Folks.........mark my words.  Pretty soon, it won't take a law for them to arrest you. Or they will write a new law so they can arrest folks 'en masse'.  Don't believe me?  What about all these 'anti-bully' laws they are writing.  If you just say something they deem as 'bully-like' or 'offensive' to someone else, they will consider it grounds for arrest and prosecution.  In other words, if they don't like you - they can put you in jail. 

Does this sound historically familiar?

My children watch the news and are afraid.  Afraid.  To live in America.  This is not what my dad and my ancestors fought for.  This is not the America I was raised in. This is scary bad.

When will there be a public outcry and revolt?  Why are we sitting idle and allowing this to happen.

There were enough Jewish folks that could have revolted at some point....why didn't they?  Why did they timidly allow themselves to be herded like sheep to slaughter?  Because they had no arms or means of self defense.

GUN CONTROL baby.  Does this sound familiar as well?  Our government is trying to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.  The 'police state' will have guns.  The criminals will have guns. 

And for this president and his team of minions to enact legislation on LAW ABIDING and HARD WORKING citizens that makes healthcare something they CAN'T AFFORD so the non-working and illegal aliens CAN have it........absolutely asinine.

I say we better look at history. Learn from history.  Or we will face the same consequences as the Jewish people.  Then, our country will look like Chicago or Soul City (if you don't know what Soul City, NC is - just google it)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do I need Obama to tell me the State of the Union?

No. I don't.

I can look around and see for myself.

It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to see the destruction.

The biggest and most destructive thing that has happened to our nation is illegal immigration.  It is nothing but an invasion.  A hostile invasion.

The millions of illegal immigrants have totally taken over and ruined one of the best healthcare systems in the world.  They have ruined our education system.  They have, in the name of political correctness, taken over the minds of the elected officials and many well-intentioned educated individuals.

I'm all about helping others...........but what say we encourage them to help themselves.  In their own nation.

If they used the violence & lawlessness in their own nation that they use here, they could organize a revolt & overthrow the bad guys.

I have my own opinions about the state of affairs in Africa AND Mexico.  And it's not a politically correct opinion.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Almost Too Much to Take in......

Most days, it's pretty discouraging for traditional constitutional supporting Americans.

The liberal agenda has almost (almost being the key word here) completely taken over our country.  

The book, THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, has been the road map that they've been following. And they have been following it well.

They are taking over our children. Completely. There are places in this country where, in public schools, parents are no longer allowed to pack a lunch for their children.  Common Core is training a generation of little robots that all think alike and discourage individualism & exceptionalism.

They are abandoning the traditional family and encouraging alternate lifestyles.  Not just encouraging, but celebrating!  They are trying to glamorize anything BUT the traditional family.

They are encouraging faith in government instead of individual choices & responsibility.

Unless conservatives go against their true nature and REVOLT..........I hate to see the outcome.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bigot Society Encouraged

big·ot noun \ˈbi-gət\

: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

It is disturbing to see what is happening to our country today. You would think we could learn from the past; but humans are a very special breed. When the roles are reversed - when wrongs are righted - seems humans tend to go hard in the opposite direction.

We are going through a civil rights movement in 2014.

That's right. I said it.

Since September 11, when a certain religious sector planned a massive attack on our country, the mainstream media has done their best to paint Christianity as the main evil of the world.

I'm going to point out some FACTS......and I know I won't be miss popularity, but here goes.

CHRISTIANS rock. Christian organizations, because of their compassion and love for mankind, help more than our government ever will. Yes, the United States might funnel millions of dollars in an effort to assist a people - because of corruption and lack of ability to follow through and make sure all dollars are landing where they should - it falls short. Christians like to feel the love, so they tend to take measures to make sure whatever they do is meaningful. I'd like to present AFRICA as an example. That seems to be where all of Hollywood wants to focus these days. I'd like to ask a stupid question. Where is the money going? Since I was a little girl (and trust me, that was a LONG TIME AGO), people have been sending millions of dollars to this country. Millions EVERY YEAR!!!! In addition, Christian organizations have sent millions ....EVERY YEAR! Are these people incapable of learning? Incapable of taking care of themselves? Why in the world do we keep funneling money over there. And every year, we see commercials of starving little kids....yes, I am compassionate. I hate any child being hungry anywhere in the world. But come on folks; can we not focus on rebuilding OUR country. Spend that money HERE, in the United States.
I had the idea when I was a little girl.......fix up the slums and give them a better place to live & they will WANT to better themselves. My dad told me they don't want to better themselves. He told me about a place called SOUL CITY that was practically handed to a group of people and they were unable to make it work. Over 16 MILLION dollars was GIVEN to them. You can read about it here:


Even as recently as in the last 20 years, I've often thought to myself.....wouldn't it be nice to conduct an experiment. Get a group of folks together and go fix up ONE STREET in a 'slum' area of town & see if they will want to keep it nice. But then, I hear the radio interview of an African American that says she is speaking for many who feel the same way as she does. She proceeds to explain it like this: If someone came to you and offered you a million dollars, free & clear. No strings attached. Just take it & enjoy it. Would you turn it down? Of course not. That's what the government is doing for black folks (and now illegal immigrants as well). She outlined all the free money and services they get. She explained how she can enjoy her days 'hanging out with friends' while her child is in free childcare. She parties all day with friends. Then at Christmastime, there are multiple charities that give the kids free gifts. Why would she WANT to work when she doesn't have to work? When asked if she WANTED her child to be on welfare/government role when he grows up, she said 'If he wants to work, I guess he can. But why would he?"

So, the difference is.......my father raised me to work for a living. They are being raised to take what they can get for free and enjoy living that way. In slums? That's okay. It's free. On top of that, they want to blame the WHITE RACE for the state of their affairs. So, not only are they enjoying a free ride, but the media is glorifying their race AND how downtrodden they've been all these years. They encourage hatred between races.

Now, we have a president that is doing the same thing. And when it trickles from the top, it makes matters worse.

Yes, I know there are indoctrination camps being established right now. Whatever. I guess that's where I will spend my last days on this earth.....hopefully our country will come to its senses & see what's going on, but if not, I'll be saying "I told ya so".

Well, I think I'm just going put it out there..........I'm a White Christian and proud of it. There, I said it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Paradise has changed!

Wow..........I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged! Just to give an update.......I'm no longer a homemaker. I am gainfully employed outside the home. Almost three years now I've been back at work and it's totally brutal. But in this economy, I'm thankful to have a job. It was a challenge before just to make ends meet, now it's a challenge to find time to get the most simple things done. My house is a mess and I don't spend time with the kids like I should. But I have a job! And I have not become any less opinionated. And especially when it has to do with our current president and his plan to destroy the American Dream. Obamacare. What a scam. It is causing businesses to drop insurance for employees as well as cutting employee hours back in order to stay legal. And the whole while, the president and his staff are bragging about how many folks have signed up for insurance on the exchange. A little over 4,000,000! Wow. About the population of South Carolina! What idiots. But even more sad are the folks that actually believe what they are fed by the mainstream media.....without ever questioning anything for fear they will be destroyed by the same media. Sadly, our country is breeding and encouraging our young to be lazy. I'm not really sad for the youth, I'm sad for our nation.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Praying around the flagpole at public High School...

I was so proud, this morning, to see prayers around the flagpoles at two schools in our county. WAY TO GO! Exercising our freedom to worship while we still can!

Monday, September 20, 2010

RINOs not invited

My new cartoon.....

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